A Note on Our Editorial Calendar

Reedsport.info will be updated as news happens (and we learn of it) here on this site and on Facebook. The print version of our paper will be published and distributed 4 times per month on Thursday (but sometimes distributed on Wednesday). On those months where there are 5 Thursday’s per month – we will take a much deserved week off on the 5th Thursday – so for example – January will have four issues (Jan 1, Jan 8, Jan 15, Jan 22, but Jan 29 there will not be an issue.)

This means there will be 48 issues per year and 4 issues per month.

Changes to the calendar, ads, or other print features must be recieved by Tuesday morning to make it into each weeks issue.

This schedule will allow all of us to enjoy Reedsport and the Oregon Coast a little more. Thank you for reading Reedsport.info!

4 comments on “A Note on Our Editorial Calendar
  1. Thank You for filling in the gap that the closure of previous paper created. While the Coffee Break was a great publication, it is nice to have a change and I look forward to seeing Reedsport News grow and evolve to meet the needs of the people who live here. Best Wishes – Kathi Wall-Meyer, Reedsport Farmers Market Manager

  2. First I would like to find out how to post non-profit events to your Reedsport.info Community Calendar. Second, I notice your Calendar starts the week with Monday. Most public calendars begin the first day of the week with Sunday. It could cause scheduling mistakes for people who are used to a calendar that starts on Sunday each week. Just a suggestion. Thanks – Kathi Wall-Meyer

    • You can email events to me at info@reedsport.info – in regards to the calendar causing mistakes – I think people will just need to be aware of it, the format is set. Thank you for pointing it out. All the best, ~Vago

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