Breaking News: Traffic Accident in Uptown Reedsport Expect Delays

3:15pm – All is clear.
2:49pm – Uptown Reedsport

A Vend West Water truck was stopped and waiting for a pedestrian when he was rear ended by a senior driver just in front of the 7-11 on Hwy 101 in Reedsport. The driver of the truck was not injured but the senior citizen reported as Bud Gilmor of Reedsport was carried away in an ambulance and his little car was pretty badly smashed up. Hopefully Mr. Gilmor will be fine as it appears his airbag did deploy. Traffic is being managed by Reedsport Police and rescue workers. IMG_0974



3 comments on “Breaking News: Traffic Accident in Uptown Reedsport Expect Delays
  1. They need to put flashers at that intersection like the crosswalks in Florence. Lots of hits and near misses. With the skate park and playground there you would have thought Reedsport would have done this years ago.

    • Ditto that, Dan! On top of the flashing lights, pedestrians need to realize that in the dark, they are not easy to spot, especially when wearing dark clothing at night. Their right to cross in the crosswalk will not keep a vehicle from hitting them because their right is not an invisible force-field. They must also take responsibility for their own safety and make sure they are seen before stepping out into traffic. There are Rights and there are Responsibilities…employ both to enjoy both.

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