CDABA to feature RCCS Students

WHO: Coastal Douglas Arts & Business Alliance
EVENT: First Friday . . . Art is for Everyone
WHEN: Thursday, April 2, 2015 – 4-6 p.m.
WHERE: Reedsport Community Charter School, 2260 Longwood, Reedsport, OR
CONTACT: Kathleen Miller 541-271-2101

CDABA to feature RCCS Students

On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Coastal Douglas Arts & Business Alliance (CDABA) is pleased to feature the students of the Reedsport Community Charter School. The event will be held from 4 pm to 6 pm in the Shop and the Art classroom at RCCS.

Although it is being held on a Thursday, this event is a part of CDABA’s First Friday . . . Art for Everyone events. For April the event will be held on Thursday as the school is not in session on Friday. Joe Coyne commented that “It is important to have the students present so that they can talk about their work and mingle with the community members.” To entice the public to attend, there will be food and music.

Teachers Carol Colton (Art) and Guy Marchione (Shop), have been coordinating this event and are excited to showcase the art talent of the community’s youth. The Shop class will showcase their various wood projects, such as cutting boards.

Carol Colton has been working with students on a variety of projects, including painting and ceramics. She is “excited to share the art the students created during the recent Braves Session” and “hasn’t let them take it home so that it will be available” on April 2nd. Carol also commented that some of the work to be displayed will still be unfinished and that the “classroom walls are covered with examples of many of the students’ assignments throughout the year.”

Carol also described the art work of senior Jenna Bennett “that will be displayed through the summer at the Coos Art Museum.” Jenna painted a bowling ball with an ocean scene. Although not a chosen piece, it was entered into the VISION 2015, an annual competition underwritten by Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation. A competition for high school students. First and second place winners receive both cash purchase awards and a two-year tuition waiver to attend SOCC. The same “piece is going to be entered in the American Society of Marine artists 2015 youth marine artist search.”

Describing the art work of senior, Jessica Howell, Carol said that Jessica has been creating wood cutting boards and burning art on log rounds, both of which she has been selling.”

She also described the work of the middle school students as a “display of clay whistles finished and glazed” and that for “most student this was their first experience with clay.” The middle school students will also have “tiles displaying their favorite ocean animals that will be drying on the drying rack, getting ready to be fired.”

First Friday events are FREE to attend. CDABA sponsors the First Friday art events at different locations, featuring different artists. Next up: May 1st (Forest Hills Country Club-various member artists).

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