Controversial Nude Statue Issue Resolved

I just wanted to let everyone know that the issue about the chainsaw carving is now resolved. I’ve moved the statue into Reedsport Antiques where it is fully covered by insurance (but not by clothing), no longer on city or state property, and no longer can be confused with the statues placed through proper channels by the chamber of commerce and the city. Those who love the statue or want pictures with it can still visit with it or take selfies #reedsportdavidselfie but if they want to see what’s on the front of the statue – they will have to come inside. Sadly we can no longer let the public decorate the statue as was our intention with it outside of the shop. I hope this clears everything up and the city can get back to making Reedsport safe from floods and repairing the economy here. Thank you.

Reedsport David

5 comments on “Controversial Nude Statue Issue Resolved
  1. too bad Reedsport is run by a group of do-gooder, prudish, hypocrites ………….one of the reasons we left there…it is a “go no where” town (far from being a city). My kids left the “pit” because it is a nowhere town….

  2. I like the statue inside the window..looks more intriguing and interesting with the lighting on it and surrounded by other things.

    • If they had let it be, it probably would have fallen apart in one winter. Now it’s protected by the elements and may never go away.

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