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Inspired by a sermon to use his talents and skills to impact the lives of others, Greg Carter takes to the golf course to raise funds for

Project Blessing Food Pantry

Reedsport, Oregon – June 29, 2015 – One Sunday in 2014, Pastor Allen Chaney challenged his parishioners to use their talents to impact the lives of others. Greg Carter took the message to heart. “I love golf, but I wasn’t sure how I could use my hobby to impact my community in a positive way,” Greg said. Greg and his wife, Rachel, took to the internet and found other golfers raising money for food pantries through golfing challenges and 100 Holes for Hunger in Reedsport was created. This year, the 2nd Annual 100 Holes for Hunger was held at the Forest Hills Country Club in Reedsport, Oregon on June 29th.

His challenge was to golf 100 holes in one day. Typically, 18 holes of golf takes 3-4 hours to complete, but with the support of his wife, Rachel, as caddy, cart driver, and nutrition support, Greg took only 10 hours and 4 minutes to golf 100 holes that should have taken over 15 hours to complete.

Greg and Rachel collected pledges throughout the month of June at the Forest Hills Pro Shop and Hair 101 and shared their goal to raise funds to help address hunger in our community.

Jessica Terra, Board Director of Project Blessing Food Pantry said. “We can effectively address hunger in our community, but we must have better access to the national food supply, and we can only gain that access by purchasing our own food truck.” A majority of the grant funding needed for the purchase of the food truck has been secured. “It is my goal to fill that truck with two months worth of food,” Greg stated. Rachel has confidence in her husband’s golfing ability, “Even for someone who loves golf as much as Greg, 100 holes in one day takes endurance. I have confidence in his ability and in his dedication for service.”

Jacky Lux, Project Blessing’s Pantry Director, said, “While foundations may provide funding for upgrades and equipment, we rely on local donations to stock our shelves. We appreciate the Carter’s passion to raise awareness of hunger in our community and to raise funds for our food pantry. We especially appreciate all those who supported Greg and Rachel by pledging and donating so generously.”

Recently, Project Blessing has received funding from The Collins Foundation, Coquille Tribal Community Fund, Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, The Ford Family Foundation, Lower Umpqua United Fund, Mercy Community Gifting, Meyer Memorial Trust, and Oregon Food Bank, and in-kind donations from Lighthouse Electric and the City of Reedsport. Funds were designated to purchase a new electronic client intake system, reception desk and office furniture, additional pantry shelving, distribution equipment, and soon, a food truck.

Greg energized by the pledges and the support of Rachel raised over $2,400 this year, surpassing Greg’s goal. These funds will feed nearly 1,000 people over the next 3 months and fill the truck 3 times.

One day, 100 holes, and 1,000 people fed by one couple. The Carter’s were determined to affect the lives of their neighbors suffering from hunger but could only make a large impact with the support of a generous community. “The pantry celebrates their 30th anniversary this September,” Ms. Lux said, “The pantry is still here because of volunteers like Greg and Rachel.

The pantry is the people of this community and the volunteers working together to feed those in need.” Will the Carter’s hold a 3rd annual 100 Holes for Hunger? Greg said, “As long as I can golf for food, I’ll be on the course.” And, it will be no surprise when this community steps up once again to support him.

A special thank you to the Board of Directors of Forest Hills Country Club for supporting 100 Holes for Hunger and a special thank you to Larry Webb, Golf Pro, for the donation of 2 golf shirts, 12 golf balls, and the use of a golf cart. What a beautiful course to golf for food!

To donate to Project Blessing, please your tax-deductible cash donations to 2191 Birch, Reedsport, Oregon 97467. To volunteer, please visit the pantry or call 541-271-3928.

About Project Blessing Food Pantry Project Blessing provides food assistance to those in need, including children, veterans, and seniors. Founded in 1985 to address the rising issue of hunger in the greater Reedsport area, Project Blessing helps thousands of people annually utilizing donations and grants to provide food assistance. Project Blessing Food Pantry is located at 150 20th Street in Lions Park. Food Pantry hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Project Blessing is an equal opportunity provider.

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