Letter to Editor – Gas Tax Fraud

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I realize you don’t have the room for this in you printed edition, but it you could post this to your electronic sights i would appreciate it.

Citizens Of Reedsport,

On May 17th the Reedsport City Council has invited every register voter in in town to be complicit in their fraudulent scheme to pass a gas tax with the full intent of then diverting (misappropriating) these funds to the levee project despite Oregon laws that such monies must “be used exclusively for the construction, reconstruction, improvement, repair, maintenance, operation and use of public highways, roads, streets and roadside rest areas in this state.”

This is hardly the first time the council has chosen to act unethically or dishonestly regarding taxes. A simply review of the minutes on this topic clearly and easily demonstrate that the council from the onset has conspired to develop this measure solely to divert these funds into the levee project.

Do not be complicit with this fraud. It is the citizens, not the corrupt/incompetent councilors who will be held financially liable to the tax payers for this misappropriation. Vote NO on measure 10-140 and support a full recall of the council who allowed this unlawful conspiracy to even reach the ballot.

A’eron Blackman
Reedsport, Oregon

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