New Reedsport City Councilwoman and Other Notes

The Reedsport City Council met this evening. The following were the highlights:

1) Chief Wisehart reported to the city council today that there will be state of the art surveillance cameras installed in Lion’s Park thanks to a Three Rivers Grant. One of the cameras will point to the intersection on 20th street and the others will be able to move and view areas prone to vandalism or other problems. This is a very welcome development for the city as the park has been a spot where some residents have felt uneasy in the past due to drug use, vagrancy, and hoodlumism. The surveillance system will have a live feed, be able to zoom from 200m and have a DVR recording capability. Nice work Chief! Thank you.

2) The Council agreed unanimously to adopt a resolution creating DEQ loan stipulations and assign 2014-003 as the title.

3) The Council approved the selection of the firm Anderson Perry & Associates, INc for the City Levee Certification Project and authorized staff to proceed with requesting a cost proposal.

4) The Reedsport City Council appointed Ms. Leslee Collier to fill the vacated seat of Mayor Linda McCollum on the city council this evening. Ms. Collier was voted into the seat by a vote of 4-2 but was unable to attend the meeting this evening because she is having eye surgery. Mayor McCollum and Council Member DeeDee Murphy spoke high praise of their friend, neighbor, and fellow River Bend resident Ms. Collier. Ms. Collier has been attending council meetings as an observer and citizen since August. From all reports, she will be a fine addition to our city council.

5) The Council unanimously agreed to approve an intergovernmental agency agreement with Douglas County for acceptance of Leachate from the douglas county landfill (Leachate is contaminated water from landfills, hazardous materials dumps, etc).

6) The City Council unanimously agreed to enter into a Leachate agreement with IP for acceptance of leachate from the IP property in Gardiner via the Gardiner Sanitary District’s collection system. Councilman Frank Barth was the only council member to raise questions about the safety of our beautiful river, but he was assured by Director of Public Works John Stokes that it was most likely not going to be a problem.

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  1. Thank you so much for your interest in the City Council. I hope you will run again in 2 years ! I also appreciate all your involvement in the community!

    • Thanks Diane – I felt like it was important to offer myself to the position. Obviously, I talk with a lot of people and hear a lot of different viewpoints and I’ve heard so many people saying that they felt the city council is out of touch with the population here – especially people my age and younger (those still working, raising families, not getting social security) – that I felt it was important to try to try to bridge that gap. Who knows if I will have the time or energy in two years to throw my hat in the ring again? The Chamber of Commerce had the same reputation not long ago but I think people like myself, Levi Allen, Amy Stauffer, Jody Henderson and other working members of our board of directors are changing that perception. I’m sure the new council member you chose last night will be a great addition, but it’s a bit of a shame that you ended up with a person who fits the same demographics as the City Council already has covered (3 out of 7 now live in the same retirement community). I feel like the city missed a very nice opportunity here – I just wish more people in my age group, stage of life, etc had the time, money, and energy to devote to volunteering in our civic government – until that happens – we will continue to be a community that caters to the retired and has a City Council which can’t understand why the community doesn’t feel represented.

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