Photo Contest Entries Posted and Closed

All Sales are final – er…I mean entries are now closed.

Thank you all for your submissions. I have now posted all the entries that came in prior to the deadline which fit in our guidelines (between Coos Bay, Florence, Elkton – max 10 entries per person). I’m 99% certain that I got all the entries from email and Facebook – but if you don’t see your entry for some reason – please contact me and let me know ( I will need to see it posted or emailed before the April 30th deadline.

The next 10 days I will be confirming the prizes and setting up the polling and voting – in order to make the voting fair, I will be putting photos into categories – my decisions on this stick – so if I say it’s a sunset and you say it’s not – you are probably right, but it stays in the sunset category. Hopefully that won’t happen – but just in case – that’s the way it goes.

Voting will take place here on this site and run until the end of May. Stay tuned for updates.

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