Reedsport Annual Hydrant Flushing – Notice


Flushing of the Municipal Water Distribution System

The City of Reedsport Public Works Department, Water Utility Division, will conduct flushing of the domestic water distribution system by opening selected fire hydrants beginning Tuesday, February 10, 2015 and continue through Friday, February 13, 2015. The purpose of flushing the water distribution system via the fire hydrants is to remove naturally occurring fine sediments that build up in the water infrastructure. These fine sediments are not harmful but can cause the water to be discolored if they are not regularly removed from the system. This normal maintenance of the distribution system has been successfully performed many times in the past and will subsequently need to be flushed periodically in

Regarding the specific timing of areas being flushed, the Winchester Bay area, including Salmon Harbor and the Lighthouse area, will be flushed on Tuesday, February 10th. Reedsport areas west of the Scholfield Bridge will be flushed on Wednesday, February 11th. Areas East of Scholfield Bridge will be flushed on Thursday, February 12th. Lastly, the Gardiner area will be flushed on Friday, February 13th. It may be that residents notice discolored water during the flushing process. If this occurs, residents are encouraged to open an outside hose bibb or faucet, if desired, until the water runs clear. At this time, interruption

The City regrets any inconvenience that this required maintenance operation may cause our customers and appreciate your understanding. Residents with questions are encouraged to contact Public Works Director John Stokes, at Reedsport City Hall (271-3603 x215) during office hours.

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