2 comments on “Reedsport.info Issue 26 June 25, 2015
  1. You know the legalization of the MMD store is going a little to far with your remarks and suggestion. Do you think just anyone can walk in a buy from these stores? Well if you pay $200.00 for the MMD card then you can purchase from dispensaries other wise you are not allowed in. If you are on state aid the same card cost $20.00, figure that one out. So lets please knock off the jokes and name changing for Reedsport. It is for medical purpose’s only. Doctor has to prescript and fill out form. So publish this if you will. Betty Gray, REEDSPORT

    • Your comment is approved Betty. It looks like it’s going to be at least October before anyone can purchase marijuana legally without a medical card, Betty, but as of today, marijuana is not criminal in Oregon and there is a dispensary and education center downtown. I’m sorry you don’t like our jokes, they are really funny to most of us.

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