4 comments on “Reedsport info Issue 33 August 13, 2013
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  1. Recycling is the way of the future. It is one of the of the few industries that has be able to take root in this community and offer jobs to younger generations. Those offended by recycling have had since the 1980’s to to capitalize on tourism or bring other viable industries to this community and they have chosen not to. Reedsport is centralized and in a great position to grow this fledgling industry to the point of actually exporting scrap metal, creating real trade, and expanding job opportunities thru our port. Boatloads of exportable ‘junk’ may not make us the prettiest trade destination in the world, but being an internationally recognized trade destination of any kind would be a huge and positive success for Reedsport. Until someone demonstrates a better idea, the recycling trade is a proven, viable way to the future we should embrace and encourage.

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