2 comments on “Reedsport Info Issue 42 – October 15, 2015
  1. You asked, “What do you think?” , re: the Douglas county is evil conspiracy theory. I think there a lot of woods, a lot of good hiding places; cross the wrong intransigent individual midst the humorous exploration of ‘fictional’ conspiracy theories; permanent trip to those wooded hiding places. I watched a city begin being redeveloped that I had emotional involvement in, and it doesn’t resemble my former home. Money and tactics won out in the end; anyone in the way had to go; so is truth REALLY stranger than fiction, or just a closeted close relative?

    • Agreed. There were some conspiracy theories submitted that were too close to what really seems to be happening here for me to publish them. This one was just barely far enough out to allow me to throw it out there. If I disappear suddenly – someone should call foul play! 🙂

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