– Issue #43 October 22, 2015

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  1. So here’s what I read every edition that comes out…. negativity about the town in which you live. When you purchased this business did u have it already in mind to bash Reedsport every chance you get?? The Coffee Break in which u are representing kept the people informed on town activities, notices, awareness, and attributes. None of that do I get out of reading an issue. It’s unfortunate that the wonderful work that Sheri has built has turned into this. Your thoughts of “Weedsport” really showed maturity, the speck on how u tried to bring negative attention to the U-pull it site was beyond ridiculous. What articles have u written highlighting any of the functions this town has??Throughout the year this town has several benefits that help support our very much needed an appreciated daycare center. Without the towns support and generosity it would struggle to make the means. The town gets informed by this little bit of news. Not one time have I been informed on any the town’s recreation or charitable activities. So that leads me to wonder why would someone call this place home, in the same breathe as they talk nothing but crap about it. What are your intentions????

    • Pretending there is sunshine doesn’t end a cloudy day. Reedsport is in trouble. My mission is to point out some of our massive governmental and institutional problems – it may not be pretty, but I’ve never had the mentality that we should just accept things as good enough. Marijuana and my jokes about Reedsport were an attempt to open people’s minds to the possibilities marijuana could bring – more school funds, a professional paid city council and mayor, and general prosperity. No town in any of the four states that have legalized marijuana have fully embraced it – we could. We could become the marijuana capital of the USA or we can keep letting Roseburg shorten our library hours, reduce government staff, and strip educational programs. is no connection to the Coffee Break. Sherri called it quits after decades of thankless work on behalf of the town. I started because I thought we needed a voice to herald change. If you don’t like it – don’t read it. It’s free so it may well be worth what you pay for it. You can always pay your $1 a week for the Umpqua Post. By the way – if you look at the back issues on this site you will find plenty of notices about recreation and charitable activities – but apparently you are so blinded by what you don’t like that you miss what you claim to be looking for.

  2. Well said Reedsport,info. You are absolutely right about the bright future ahead for cannabis. But, unfortunately a lot of the old blood around here will have to cycle itself out for real change to occur regarding marijuana or any other thing. I don’t know how people have the misconception that you bought the coffee break and are carrying that on. With its absence, you simply created a new opportunity for yourself and a whole new outlet, complete with an online presence that was nonexistent for the old coffee break. Even with a different name, apparently similar format is what chains you to that old publication. Even though you’ve expanded on that to include color and a more modern look and created an environment in which more advertisers could participate, where the coffee break had such limitation. Really, the only place you’re going wrong is that you are not Sherri Elliot and you are not printing what you are being told to print. You simply aren’t cooperating with local “government”. Well done.

  3. Every Councilperson swore an oath to uphold the city Charter (including section 31 requiring a double majority) So how did this measure get on the ballot? I don’t remember a petition. This happened because council members willfully violate their oath of office. Every six mounts since 10-119 was passed council members have conspired to undermine our city’s charter and oppose the will of the people. Now they even resorted to deceptive wording. Vote YES and support a full recall of the council.

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