2 comments on “Reedsport.info Issue No. 2 – January 8, 2015
  1. I love the suggestion of bringing a small carnival to town! The only big, open space I can think of is where the chainsaw competition takes place in old town. On a different topic: I’d like to know what, if any, plans are in the future for the old paper mill property in Gardiner. I wish our city would present a request/proposal to WinCo to build a store on that property. It would be nice to have a big discount food store so close by. Withe the populations of all the cities and towns nearby, I’m sure there would be plenty of consumers/revenue to justify a store here. Maybe that would attract some clothing, shoe, and other miscellaneous stores into the shopping center and we wouldn’t have to drive 30+ miles up or down the coast…or even all the way into Eugene…in order to buy clothing and such. And, think of the jobs it would create!!

    • Now those are some great ideas! Or, what about donating the land to the University of Oregon to build a Coastal U of O campus?

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