Oct 1, 2015 – Issue 40

From now on, we’re publishing the e-version first and then doing delivery. Sign up for automatic email delivery on the right sidebar of the homepage at – Be the first to know what is going on…no need to scramble for an issue.

Download Read or Print Issue 40 here

Garage Sale Classified Coupon Page here






2 comments on “ Oct 1, 2015 – Issue 40
  1. Your print size is so small, it is barely readable, especially your extra “Garage Sale” sheet. Because it is grey instead of black, it is very difficult to read. How about changing it so we can read it. I have NEVER been able to see what the shows are; it is just a mess that is blended together.

    • Hi JoAnn. Sorry to hear that. My suggestion is that you read it online (at the library if you don’t have a computer) using the and < +> button you can increase the font size

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