One comment on “ October 10, 2015 – Issue 41
  1. Yes, I guess you DO have to be a special kind of crazy to start a business in Reedsport. Please don’t be bitter.
    I lived in Port Orford prior to Reedsport. It is also a dying city; with blinders and ‘brain blockers’ pulling the plug on opportunities for growth repeatedly. People talk, and it catches back up to you rather quickly. My neighbor had a conversation with the Circle K convenience store clerk about the noise from the resident upstairs having sex. The clerk knew I lived in the building and asked if I had heard it, too. (But no one was home in the upstairs apartment. ) I said, “They’re out of town. My husband and I were the only people in the building…”
    Later in the day, we were picking up groceries at the Ray’s, which is the only grocery store. The cashier gets a big smile and said she heard we were “really going at it” last night! It did not end there, and there were many small crazy town experiences.
    Never a good idea to make enemies in a place like that.

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