Photography Contest – Photo #1 – Donna Robison – Umpqua Lighthouse



The first submission to our photo contest is by Donna Robison – her picture is of the Umpqua LIghthouse and lookout station.

We are looking for photos of the area stretching from Coos Bay to Florence and east to Elkton. People, culture, events, you name it…accepting submissions for March and April and will putting submissions online in the meantime. Voting will take place in May – there will be cash and prizes to be announced. Send your submissions with a short bio, description of the photo, and when it was taken (if possible) to or post it on our facebook page at

One comment on “ Photography Contest – Photo #1 – Donna Robison – Umpqua Lighthouse
  1. Good job, Donna! I can’t wait to see the way our communities perceive this area. I myself wouldn’t have a way to photograph it, but I love driving out to the elk refuge on a moonless night and seeing all those stars. They cannot been seen the same way in more populated places. I tell our family and friends my husband is giving me diamonds when he calls me outside to see the stars; my Oregon diamonds.

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