Sunrise from Leona’s Restaurant by Amanda Murphy

We are looking for photos of the area stretching from Coos Bay to Florence and east to Elkton. People, culture, events, you name it…accepting submissions for March and April and will putting submissions online in the meantime. Voting will take place in May – there will be cash and prizes to be announced. Send your submissions with a short bio, description of the photo, and when it was taken (if possible) to or post it on our facebook page at

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  1. I love your diversity;) I have an idea that compliments your photography passion and might serve your business as well. What if, now I don’t do Facebook so I’m not exactly sure of their format, you have them submit their photos on your Facebook and the winner is determined by by how many likes they get. It would be free advertising of course but would reach people that you would not have otherwise. So for everyone that comes into the store, you now have the name of your antique shop on the lips of their whole family and friends as well. Cuz you know that they will be telling all nine thousand of their closest friends, family and acquaintances to go on your page and vote for them thus adding at least a tenth of their peeps to your customer list. I’m sure that you wouldn’t be lured to this free advertising campaign if I didn’t make it a little more genuine so you could take the three “most liked photos” and make the decision of the winner yourself land put the three on display at your shop and have your customers vote on their favorite. Once again bringing at least a couple new friends or family from the semi final contestants in to vote or see on display. The winner would be your choice and you could have a runner up or The Peoples Choice as well. Win win;) Let me know if you need help with donations for the prizes. That is my expertise;) I can get donations like no bodiesbusiness. Did it for ten years. I know that you already have this contest underwAy but maybe for your next one. I’ve got a great theme in mind if your interested and would like to help promote your store in the silicon valley. There is so much money here and they are confused on how and where to spend it. This Area is the third highest in wealth of the US or world. Can’t remember and also I can help you out in Portlandia as well. Tons of money there right in your state sitting their untapped and confused to where it should be spent. Hope you all are having a great Friday and I’m planning a trip up there soon to check out this delectable store and its proprietors;)
    Erika Sue

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