REEDSPORT.INFO PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST – PHOTO #27– Laura Powell – Elkton High Hoop Dreams


“Elkton High School Hoop Dreams” –Laura Powell This photo was taken in January of this year. My husband and I went over to Elkton to have a picnic at their city park, then decided to drive around and view the foggy clouds from different angles as the light left the sky. We were up the hill across from the high school, and I loved the contrast between the game inside and the ethereal landscape. My husband, Ray, and I moved here for the fresh air about four years ago. I have my own business as a skin care consultant, which affords the freedom to get out and enjoy where we live. I always take the camera, because I love sharing our lives here with family and friends.

We are looking for photos of the area stretching from Coos Bay to Florence and east to Elkton. People, culture, events, you name it…accepting submissions for March and April and will putting submissions online in the meantime. Voting will take place in May – there will be cash and prizes to be announced. Send your submissions with a short bio, description of the photo, and when it was taken (if possible) to or post it on our facebook page at

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  1. Outstanding composition and contrast! Makes me wish I had been standing next to you to see it with my own two eyes!

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