Ocean Martin - Sluglove

These slugs were suspended off my porch railing on Myrtle Ave., Reedsport last summer. Hard to believe a creature so primitive could create such a rosette of beauty from their procreation.  This “rosette” originated from their heads! – Ocean Martin

We are looking for photos of the area stretching from Coos Bay to Florence and east to Elkton. People, culture, events, you name it…accepting submissions for March and April and will putting submissions online in the meantime. Voting will take place in May – there will be cash and prizes to be announced. Send your submissions with a short bio, description of the photo, and when it was taken (if possible) to or post it on our facebook page at

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  1. Eeeeeewwww! LOL!! Love that you caught this because I’ve never seen anything like it before…and I’ve seen a LOT!!

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