5 comments on “Reedsport.info – We Love Reedsport Edition Issue #45 November 12, 2015
  1. Wow that was GREAT “nice” issue! So the antique store isn’t closing? That’s what I read right? So it’s just for sale then? Hard to keep up…iI guess one perk of having both the store and the paper, you save on all those advertising spots

    • This issue was a lot of fun for us. We love providing things for people to talk about (like the conspiracy theories, issues facing the town etc) but sometimes it’s great to be able to spread a little love. We really do love this town and the people in it.

    • We aren’t closing Reedsport Antiques – that’s never been something that was going to happen. We have both businesses up for sale – when the right buyer comes along – we want them to know it’s an option, until then – you know where to find us. 🙂

  2. So… It sounds like you finally figured out that you can’t keep bashing the town, and everyone in it, and expect people to support your business. What a concept! EVERY issue of your little paper ought to be like this one. Get rid of the crap, the rumors, the accusations, and the gripes and you might just have something people WANT to read.

    • Wow. With a name like ‘What Everyone Thinks’ I guess you must have your finger on the pulse. You should start a paper of your own, how could you go wrong?

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