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  1. Council fun and games must end

    Regardless of how the vote on Reedsport measure 10-140 goes, the recent mailer concerning measure 10-140 must be the last straw. A law suit and a criminal investigation are now in order starting with ORS 260.532, ‘making a false statement of material fact about the measure’. The ballot measure as well as the mayor have stated that the gas tax monies will be used on the levee project in way unlawful under the Oregon Constitution and not in compliance with Oregon’s legal definitions of roads or road maintenance. The mailer compounded this fraud of deception/misrepresentation (as defined by the Oregon legislature, see by omitting and failing to address the laws and definitions We the people, and the Oregon fuel Association, are actually calling into question regarding the measure.

    While this point of law is a non-criminal matter to be resolved between the Council and the voters, it lays the foundation for the criminal investigation of each Council member for Criminal Conspiracy as described under ORS 161.450 (2) a,b, and d, for intending to violate one or more of the following statutes: 165.095 Misapplication of Entrusted Property, ORS 164.075 Theft by Extortion (f),(h) and (i), and/or ORS 164.085 Theft by deception (b),(c),(d), and(e). THE COUNCIL CANNOT TAKE MONEY FROM FUEL BUYERS, OR FUEL PROVIDERS, UNDER THE GUISE OF A ‘GAS TAX’ AND USE IT ON THE LEVEE PROJECT AS MATCHING FUNDS OR IN ANY OTHER WAY.

    The glib ignorance of citizen concerns regarding the legality of measures must end. The council members both jointly and severable must learn they are not above the laws of the state of Oregon. The Council must learn to take their position and duty as elected officials seriously. A law suit and criminal investigation must commence.

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