Reedsport Mainstreet Open House – Wrap Up!

We just got home from the Reedsport Mainstreet Open House – it was a huge success, from what we could see. Every seat was filled, city manager Jonathan Wright made awesome bacon hot dogs, and volunteers brought salads, veggies, desert, juice, and more! There was bottled water from Umpqua Bank and plates and other goodies provided by Safeway. In short, the community came together to see the good work that has been done on the Mainstreet program, to share ideas, and to look at the future.

Reedsport Main Street Logo-FINAL DRAWING!

It wasn’t all food and socializing. CDABA presented art kits to the winners of the Mainstreet design logos – student designs were presented for all to see, and the various committees shared their progress. Vice-Chair Darlene Ash oversaw a ribbon cutting with Emesha Jackson doing the honors as the Reedsport Chamber of Commerce held the ribbon. Mayor Linda McCollum and the city council were on hand to meet and greet. There was even a very short presentation by Christopher Damitio aka Vago about the positive benefits for business and community from using social media. For those who missed getting the handouts – you can download the  Compiled list of Cheat Sheets here.

There was a great table about making Reedsport a bike friendly community, plenty of fun, and good company.

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