Reedsport Mainstreet Updates

The Promotion Committee had worked tirelessly to successfully launch the Open House Event and are amidst planning and supporting future events in Reedsport. If you didn’t get to visit us at the Open House event, you can always come to one of our meetings to hear more about the program and ways to get involved. They are also developing a web site for the Main Street Program with resources, updates, and general information. There will be more information on our website development to come in the future. The Promotion Committee is also going to partner up with the other two committees for fundraising efforts. If you have any interest in supporting our projects and ordering a t-shirt, please contact me and we can outfit you with a fancy Main Street t-shirt. This committee is the heart and soul of the community and is always working on fundraising, networking, and creating excitement in the community.

The Economic Development Committee just busted their butts last night decorating and cleaning vacant storefronts in the downtown area. Come and drive by to see the changes and improvements to the area over the next few weeks. If you know of any vacant storefront that could be cleaned and decorated in the midtown and uptown, please contact me at any time and we can make plans for that. They will be reaching out to businesses to develop pop-up businesses here in Reedsport to fill those vacant storefronts. The Economic Development Committee is also working on informing local businesses of FREE Bike-Friendly Certifications. This is a great incentive for your local business to capture bike tourism and network with other local businesses.

The Design Committee has just finalized the Façade Improvement Program and received Board approval to launch the program! They will be launching the program on April 15th! We have $23,000 in grant funding to fund cosmetic improvements to storefronts adjacent to highways 38 and 101 in all three districts. Improvements will involve paint, signage, lighting, landscaping, awning, and general visual improvements. Keep your eyes and ears open for future details to come on the Façade Improvement Program. The Design Committee is also raising funds to place colorful banners in all three districts. They currently raised $1000 and are going to be raising additional funds to develop banners in all three districts. They partnered with a professional banner designer and will hope to have the final designs over the next few weeks. The Committee also received $500 in a grant towards the Steam Donkey Preservation Project. We hope to have the funnel and top piece fabricated and developed by Father’s Day weekend to display at our Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championship.

With all these different projects and events developing, we are always seeking help, ideas, and input from community members and potential volunteers. Our meetings are open to the public and we always encourage community involvement. We try to make our meetings fun and interactive and welcome new community members to come and hear about all our projects.

Here are our upcoming meetings and dates:

Thursday April 2nd 5:00-6:15pm – Design Committee Meeting in the Conference Room at City Hall
Tuesday April 14th 5:00-6:15pm – Board Meeting in the Conference Room at City Hall
Wednesday April 15th – Launch date of the Façade Improvement Program (applications will be available online & at City Hall)
Tuesday April 21st 5:00-6:15pm – Promotion Committee Meeting at Waterfront
Date & Time TBA – Economic Development Committee to meet again to do storefront decorations

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you all very soon!

All the best,

Emesha Jackson
Main Street Program Coordinator
City Of Reedsport
Phone: 541-271-3603 ext. 217
Fax: 541-271-2809

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