Reedsport Shopping and Groceries

Grocery Stores

Safeway – On Hwy 101 – Midtown

Price and Pride – On Hwy 101 – Midtown

Reedsport Natural Foods – Opening in January under new ownership
Hwy 101 – Uptown

Cash King – Bargain groceries and surplus next to Safeway

Shopping and Gifts

Reedsport Antiques – Uptown on Hwy 101 across from Mast Bros

The “Store” – Uptown on Hwy 101

Mumbly Peg – Knives and Jewelry – Midtown Hwy 101

Little Mint – Coins, Metals, and Oddities – Midtown Hwy 101

Sunrise Enterprises Thrift Shop – Next to Safeway

Reedsport Liquor Store – Next to Safeway

Reedsport Pharmacy – Next to Safeway, full service pharmacy, gifts, toys, and more.

The Sand Bucket – Consignment Shop Uptown

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