RIP Barbara Boyer

barbWe were conducting an estate sale today and I heard a bit of shocking news. Barbara Boyer – Barb – passed away a month ago. I usually wear a dozen or so hats and as a small paper, we don’t always get the obituaries from the funeral chapels – and somehow – I didn’t get word that my friend Barb had passed away. The last I knew she was going for chemo therapy – and she was scared – but she looked just like Barb when she told me. I’m so sad to hear of her passing.

Barb was a treasure. I knew her primarily through the estate sales she ran and from her coming into my shop – so it seems fitting that I got the news of her passing as we ran an estate sale of our own today … and I might add – one that we conducted with her blessing. About a year ago – I asked her if she would mind that we ran estate sales – because, frankly, and I told her this, I didn’t want to step on her turf. It wasn’t that I was scared of her, it was that she was so dog gone nice – at every sale – every time I ran into her – when she came into my shop – she was always a joy to be around. I remember when I brought in a cast iron doorstop – a pig with wings – she came in and laughed about how her family would think of her when they saw it – because one of her catch phrases was ‘when pigs fly’. She loved it. She asked me to let her know if I ever marked it down – I knew that I was having a sale that weekend and I put it away and called her on Friday to ask if she wanted it – no one else had a chance from the time she told me about it. Dog gone it. I hate that she’s gone.

She was an incredibly nice woman. An honest woman. I loved her. She was honest, sincere, and as good as good people get. In the antiques and estate business, we often share stories of treasures found – one of the things I loved about Barb was that her stories always had happy endings like ” and when we opened up the back of the radio we found a huge amount of cash…” which is where most dealer stories end but hers went on “…and so we called her and when we gave her the money, she was able to …” and that’s why I loved her. She was an inspiration, a role model, a good person in a business that sometimes isn’t filled with good people. I’ll miss her and – probably like everyone that knew her – it sucks to realize she is gone. I was waiting for her next sale – the news today floored me – I didn’t believe it until I found the obituary below. Dammit.

Rest in peace Barb – thank you for all the good work you did. Thank you for the wonderful life you lived.

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  1. Vago, I am sad for you and your loss. I could feel that you will really miss Barbara Boyer. I wish I had had the honor to meet her. Last year I found out a great man and doctor had passed away suddenly that same night I watched a movie and found this quote to be some comfort: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
    there is a field. I will meet you there.” Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi My hope is that you can find the same comfort in this quote as I did. Fran M

    • Thank you Fran. Rumi is always a comfort. 🙂 I was honored and surprised to find out that this letter was read at her memorial service today in Cottage Grove. Really honored by that.

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