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County Budget Committee Meets You are cordially invited to attend Douglas County’s budget hearings. These meetings will be held on May 11 & 12, in the Commissioners meeting room at the courthouse, starting at 9 am.

The Budget Committee is made up of all 3 Commissioners and three members of the public who volunteer to help form the spending plan for the upcoming budget year. Like many public entities, our fiscal year will start on July 1, 2015 and ends on June 30, 2016.

On May 11 & 12, all of the county department heads will present their proposed budgets, answer questions from the budget committee members, and listen to comments from interested citizens. From past experience, it is very common for the day to get off schedule as discussions amongst the budget committee and the department heads ebb and flow. If you plan to attend for a particular department budget please follow the Ustream feed or call our office for updated schedule information.

The draft budget for FY (fiscal year) 2016 is on the county’s web page. It’s a hefty and information rich document. Each county department budget is presented separately, but the overall format across the departments is very similar. At the beginning of the budget is a great deal of interesting historical and process information related to the county’s financial situation and the budget schedule.

The budget for the 4H, Master Gardener, and Extension Service District will be discussed at 8:30 on May 12th. The county’s budget committee also serves as the budget committee for the 4H Service District. At that time, John Punches will present the proposed budget for FY 16, answer questions about the operation of the service district and their plans for the budget year.

To watch the budget meetings:

You can see the budget schedule and view the proposed budget at: Over 1,300 people have seen the presentation that the Commissioners are giving about the county’s financial situation. We are continuing our series of Town Hall meetings and
are scheduled for Elkton on 5/12 at 6pm in the Masonic Lodge; Glendale on 5/14 at 6pm in the Elementary School, Riddle on 5/18 at 6pm in the Community Center; Glide on 5/19 at 5:30 at the Community Center; Myrtle Creek on 6/1 at 6pm in the Community Center; and Tri City on 6/11 at 6pm in the Veterans Memorial Building.

We look forward to seeing you there!

I always welcome your questions and comments. Please contact me by email at; by mail at Douglas County Courthouse, Room 217, 1036 SE Douglas, Roseburg, 97470; or by phone at 440-4201.

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